Welcome Home

For the indefinite future, we will stream our Sunday worship services. Click here to join us Sunday mornings @ 11am! Weekday services will take place at the church and via video-conference on Zoom. For information on how to participate, please email us!

Williamsburgh Pentecostal Church (est. 1959) is a family-oriented church that holds Christian scripture as the foundation for our beliefs and actions. Our mission is to:

Proclaim the Word of God : We’re committed to lifestyles and teachings that are rooted in and accountable to the word of God, found in the Bible. We believe that because God is the author of life, it is in His word and through the power of His Spirit that we learn how to live in true freedom. This is the message we embrace and share with others.

Demonstrate the Love of Christ: We’re committed to serving those in need, both within our church family and without. We believe that, as followers of Christ, we are called to share our lives with those around us, to be accessible, generous, kind—to show people the compassionate heart of God exemplified through His son Jesus.

Engage in the Restorative Work of the Holy Spirit: We’re committed to following the lead of God’s Holy Spirit in our daily living, in our church services and ministries, and in our interpretation and teaching of scripture. We believe that God is present with us through His Spirit and it is in the counsel, comfort, and restorative power of His Spirit that we live and work.